Monday, April 26, 2010

Infertility Defeated AGAIN!

If you told me faith in God doesn't work, I'd have to show you my proof that it does!

Infertility was defeated AGAIN. This week we welcomed our second child, Lyric Aaliyah Joye (Joy) into our lives. 

I am overwhelmed by God's faithfulness, his grace and his mercy. I am no different from any other women reading this blog that has suffered through infertility. What God did for me and my family, he can do for you.

I have a renewed sense of purpose in this season to write more often about my family's infertility experience. The more I search the web or tweet with new friends, I'm finding that it's not about the infertility diagnosis, but it's about what you believe.

Join me as I write, encourage and simply rant about faith and infertility in this season. I believe if you're reading this God has something extraordinary for you. So, open up your heart and let's receive it.

Miracles are real and do happen today. I can't wait for you to receive yours. 

Believing God with you,
Wanza Leftwich
The Gospel Writer

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