Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 Keys to Overcoming the Infertility Blues

Infertility breaks the heart of thousands of women who desire to become mothers. The key is not to let the sadness of not being able to have a child overwhelm you.

Is that possible? Yes, it is. As a survivor of infertility there are keys you must develop to remain positive about until your situation changes.

Be Kind - If there are moms in your world, be kind to them. Do not expect them to hide their happiness about their own children. Sometimes families dealing with infertility issues can be insensitive to other families that are enjoying their children. Don't make them feel guilty because you do not have children. 

Be Helpful - Know a mom that needs help? Help her. The best way to find out the real joy of mothering is to help someone in need. When you have a child, that child is dependent upon you for all their essentials. Help a family that may be struggling to provide during the recession. Let joy replace sadness in your heart by making someone's load a little lighter.

Be Mindful - Not everyone knows your thoughts, feelings or emotions. Be careful when you respond to people that are seemingly speaking negatively to you. Everyone is not aware of your medical condition and believe it or not, they do not mean you any ill will. 

Be Grateful - A key to receiving is to be grateful for what you have. What do you have that gave you joy before the doctor say you were unable to conceive? Take the time to write a list of things you can not live without and cherish them. Your world will become more enjoyable when you become grateful for the things you already have. 

It is possible to live without saddness while you wait on your child. With God's help and these four tips, I discovered that I was able to live a life full of joy and peace during my season of infertility. I pray the same for you.

Be blessed,
Wanza Leftwich
The Gospel Writer

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